Digital Marketing Agency Jb, Malaysia & Singapore.

YEA is a brand & digital marketing agency deep-rooted in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Our life’s work connects people who share common beliefs.

1) Educational Consultancy ↓

Improved Collaboration for Education Technology Solutions: We also help institutions to achieve effective and sustainable usage of Education Technology.


2) Smart School Solution ↓

We build system to manage school operations that simplify the life of institution and teachers. Our concept that captures the vision of digitalizing a school’s learning and management system


3) Educational Streaming Solution ↓

Our educational streaming solutions help you build your streaming video venture with custom- branded environment. Our streaming video platform allows you to organize video content


4) Smart Classroom Solution ↓

Software combines multimedia tools and information technology to enhance teaching and learning environment in classroom.



India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, West Africa, Qatar, Nigeria, Philippines, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, Ukraine, Pakistan, Sri Lanka